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WHERE TO FIND OUR WORKSHOPS ?  Istarske toplice, Istrian Thermal resort

AT WHAT TIME ? Wednesday / Friday at 10 a.m.


PRICE ? 210,00 KN ( per person )


NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS ? Small groups of 6 people maximum

LANGUAGE ? Croatian, English

Book your workshop by e-mail: info@istarske-toplice.hr

Discover the secret of soap making and make your own soap !!


What is aromatherapy?

Modern aromatherapy is the holistic application of plant extracts ... plant essential oils, non-alcoholic plant hydrolates and cold pressed plant oils in achieving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony of an individual. Modern life makes people exposed to daily stress, but also to many harmful substances from food we eat and products we use every day. Therefore, what we apply to the skin becomes as important as what we eat and aroma cosmetics as part of aromatherapy is becoming more common in everyday life


Why aroma cosmetic ?

The skin is man's largest organ and all harmful substances from the environment, food and care products that we use enter the body through the skin. Aroma cosmetic gives you an entrance into a completely different world, the world of nature and discovery of endless possibilities that it provides us, as well as the solution of some seemingly small problems such as constantly dry and chapped skin that you fail to hydrate with commercial creams and balm.


Our workshops of natural aroma cosmetics

Our workshops of natural aroma cosmetics introduce you to the endless world of possibilities provided by nature, contact with the very core of nature, escape from reality and moments of complete relaxation. You do not need prior knowledge of herbal extracts and aroma cosmetics… in our aroma cosmetics workshops you will learn how to use cold pressed vegetable oils, non-alcoholic hydrolates and botanically defined essential oils and how to prepare your own natural hair, face and body care products. Prior knowledge is not required. Leave with your products, script with recipes and know-how.


Aromatherapy and me...a life colored by natural scents

Almost thirty years ago, I was privileged to participate in the identification and collection of wild island plant species through field work with my professor of chemistry and biology.

In 1989, I enrolled in secondary medical school, which I graduated with honors.

I am continuing my education at the University of Zagreb, where I studied chemistry and biology. Life took me in a completely different direction, and I  graduated in tourism management and have been working in tourism for many years. However, prompted by health issues within my own family, I turned to a healthier lifestyle and returned to my first love…the study of the plant world and its potential impact on our health. Aromatherapy is a logical choice, so in 2019 I enrolled and graduated from The School for Aromatic Studies under the mentorship of Jade Shutes, a professional considered by many to be one of the pioneers of modern aromatherapy in the United States of America.

Once you fall in love with essential oils, there are many reasons for it. It is obvious that they are magical, and less obvious is often more personal and at the same time more powerful...a little bit of essential oils they revitalize our mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy has an incredible ability to comfort us, it revives and regenerates and establishes our relationship with the natural world.


Ivana Stilinović, bacc.oec.

C.A., Certified Aromatherapist