Portfolio Category: Physical therapy


PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS Special physiatrist examination 300 HRK 40 EUR Medical examination 200 HRK 27 EUR Consultations - check-up 100 HRK 13 EUR Medical visit in room 100 HRK 13 EUR Visit nurse in the room 60 HRK 8 EUR ECG 100 HRK 13 EUR Blood pressure measurement 25 HRK 3 EUR Bandaging 30 HRK 4…
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Therapeutic properties of water and mud indications and counterindications Natural therapeutic properties of water The water of the Istrian thermal resort is sulphurous, thermal, with natural radiation and important contents of sodium, calcium, chlorine and other minerals. The temperature of the water is 32-34°C. The content of sulphur is 33-38 mg H2S/kg and radioactivity is…
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Methods of physical therapy A long-term experience of our medical personnel formed of physiatrist specialists, orthopaedist, internist, physical therapists, nurses and other medical workers recorded exceptional results in the therapeutic part of the repose of our guests. Different therapeutic services are here to satisfy different needs of the patients. Hydrotherapy Therapy in water, swimming and…
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