Methods of physical therapy

A long-term experience of our medical personnel formed of physiatrist specialists, orthopaedist, internist, physical therapists, nurses and other medical workers recorded exceptional results in the therapeutic part of the repose of our guests. Different therapeutic services are here to satisfy different needs of the patients.


Therapy in water, swimming and exercising make easier and improve movability and blood circulation.


Thermotherapy is done with the warmth of water and the curative mud is particularly beneficial.


A physiatrist specialist works out individual exercises and therapies on the basis of the diagnosis and general state of the patient, which are carried out under continuous qualified supervision of a physical therapist.

Group exercises in the gym-room are also programmed on the basis of the diagnosis. The team feeling and exchange of experiences make it easier and additionally stimulate the patients to work. Outdoor group exercises are intended for relaxation, improving of respiratory capacity and stretching. Group exercises in the pool are practiced for improving movability and circulation.


Electrotherapy disposes of numerous apparatus: diadynamic current, galvanic, interferential, ultra-stimulative and other types of current. The Istrian thermal resort also offers ultrasonic therapy, laser, short-wave diathermia, magnetotherapy, infrared and photochemotherapy lamps.


Total body or partial medical hand massage, hydro massage in the bath with regular water under pressure and vibro massage with the vibrating head apparatus.


The Istrian thermal resort offers several kinds of the aroma massage for relaxation and treating with essential oils.


We use inhalation apparatus with the mineral water adapted to treatment of the upper respiratory tract diseases.