About us

The Istrian thermal resort is situated on the northwest part of the peninsula Istria in Croatia. It is 35 km distant from Poreč, 10 km   from Buzet, only 40 km far from the Italian border and 10 km from the Slovenian border. The Istrian thermal resort is settled in the   untouched nature outside the city where greenery, quiet and peace offer a particular atmosphere for your perfect repose.

Rock Gorostas and healing water

The Istrian thermal resort is placed at the foot of the very famous huge rock, 85 meters high, with the mineral spring Sveti Stjepan   on the underside. This spring is well known for its hot water full of minerals (13 sorts), with high content of sulphur and optimal   degree of radioactivity, and it has been proved scientifically and in practice that it improves treatment of chronic rheumatic diseases,  dermatological diseases, upper respiratory tract diseases, gynaecological diseases and post-operative rehabilitation.

Third place in Europe for water quality and healing

Such natural therapeutic properties of the water distinguish the Istrian thermal resort from other European thermal springs placing it at the third position of the European rank-list by the quality of water and therapeutic properties.


This spring was used early as the antique times. In its vicinity were found inscriptions in stone, ancient Roman money and jewels. The first written documents origin from 1650 when the bishop Tomassini wrote down: “A spring of hot sulphurous water rises in the forests of Motovun and flows into the river Mirna. The peasants wash themselves in the water and threat rheumatism and many diseases of the skin.”

The first analysis of the water was made early as 1858 and the results of that time are not different from the present. Then the Istrian thermal resort was known under the name “Terme Santo Stefano” and its water was recommended in the expert and scientific circles as one of the best in the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy.

After the Second World War, the Istrian thermal resort became a department for physical therapy and medical rehabilitation of the Medical Centre Pula, and in 1970 it developed into the integral part of the tourist company “Rivijera” from Poreč. A modern facility with 200 beds was built, therapeutic offer was enlarged and number of new guests from Switzerland and Italy was growing.


The Istrian thermal resort is privately owned and receives guests from all over the Europe who come looking for therapies and repose and want to use the greatest benefits of the mineral water.


Amenities & activities


Excursions It is our pleasure to organise for you excursions to surroundings where you can taste local brandies, taste Istrian wine and products made of truffles.

Sport and recreation

Our sports and recreation offer is also very rich: mini golf, table tennis, handball, football indoor and outdoor, bowling, bike riding, hiking in the untouched nature.


Dancing evenings with games coached by our animators.

The Chapel of the Mother of God of health

In the Chapel of the Mother of God of Health our guests will find spiritual recharging, and the priests while on their therapy stay are allowed to celebrate mass.


Our thermal resort disposes of facilities for conferences, seminars and other group arrangements in three halls for groups of 50, 100 and 150 persons. The groups can use all rooms in the same time as well as other spa attractions.


Besides the mineral water, particular benefits are offered by the mild climate and untouched nature of this region. There are many marked routes for hiking, climbing and bike riding. On the top of the huge rock is the ruin of the old church Sveti Stjepan with the magnificent view to the valley of the river Mirna and famous forests of Motovun with its wood known also for building Venice.  Few kilometres far away are settled two unique middle-age villages Motovun and Grožnjan and the smallest city in the world – Hum. The nearest villages by the sea are Umag and Poreč, the famous Croatian summer resorts.